Solutions that Create Extraordinary Communicators

People Development that Drives Growth 
Quantified offers an AI-based learning platform that’s backed by data and behavioral science.
Whether you need to transform leaders into influencers, employees into high-performers, or students into real-world success stories, we can help. We have the solutions that transform potential into performance.


Enterprise Programs

Close the communication skills gap and drive measurable performance outcomes for your entire organization. Our solution is backed by behavioral science, and accessible in the flow of work. We act as a virtual communication coach to help you increase confidence, improve presence and clarity, and boost the ability to influence. 

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Higher Education Programs

Transform your students into inspiring leaders with personalized communication feedback at scale. We help you spot strengths and areas for growth to support and teach students on the #1 skills gap identified by recruiters, administrators, and senior management – communication skills.

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Executive Communication Programs

Your leaders represent your brand, and they spend 80% of their time communicating. Our unique combination of data-driven feedback and personalized coaching can help your senior executive team truly be best-in-class. We act as a virtual communication coach to help leaders increase confidence, improve presence and clarity, and boost the ability to influence.

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World-Class Communication Journeys

Our programs support career growth and organizational performance.


Leadership Development

Improve your senior leaders’ communication and invest in their growth with personal analytics, feedback and development plans.


Sales Enablement

Train your sales team on effective communication skills, professionalism, and the art of listening and asking the right questions. With practice scenarios and guided practice, your team can sharpen skills and exceed sales plans.


Customer Service and Support

Hone your team’s communication and customer engagement skills and ultimately enhance the reps’ confidence to provide the highest level of service and best experience for your customer base.


Brand Communications

Enable your team to deliver effective, consistent brand and product messaging in any situation. We will help you succeed with compelling brand messages and impactful communication skills.


Effective Presentations

Whether you’re preparing for a keynote, a TED-style talk, a launch event, a Town Hall, a filmed video, or a panel, we’ll help you create a presentation that’ll amaze your audience and move people to action.


Technical Professionals

Prepare your engineers, designers, and creators to make the jump from individual contributors to managers to leaders.


Mentor and Coach Readiness

We train mentors and coaches to provide clear and effective feedback to their teams while increasing their confidence and motivating them with data, rather than opinions, to tackle any assignment.


Interview Preparation

For educators, deliver personalized and measurable interview preparation support for your career centers in preparation for the growth of virtual interview platforms.

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