The Science Behind Quantified Communications

In this paper, we show how the QC Score serves as a highly effective, research-based, and validated method for evaluating and improving communication, saving organizations time and money, and helping them enhance their reputations and their performance.

The Science Behind the QC Score_Book Cover

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  • Define effective communication
  • Measure content, delivery, and audience perception
  • Determine how your communication stacks up
  • Find your QC score

What our clients are saying


Wow, this totally changes the way I give my CEO feedback.



- Fortune 50 CMO




"This is like Fitbit for my communications"



- Fortune 10 CEO



"QC has been integral in giving our Executive MBAs incisive feedback and developmental tools to improve their communication, and their leadership communication data is unprecedented."

 - Management Professor, Top 20 Business School