Noah Zandan

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Quantified Self for the Enterprise

Quantified Self for the Enterprise

It's exciting to see the recent explosion of attention for Quantified Self. From a Forbes calling last week's CES "The Year of the Quantified Self" to the February Issue of Vanity Fair, the media, consumers, and corporations are starting to pay attention.

Quantified Self is defined as "Self Knowledge Through Numbers" and the movement is inherently focused on self-tracking. Self-tracking is a powerful way to incubate research, innovation, and technology development, but what's exciting for us is the ability to track people and companies at the enterprise level. Enterprise level analytics allow for benchmarks, comparisons, rankings, and a real, objective answer to "how did I do?"

We're working to be the standard for enterprise communication analytics and excited to be one of the first Quantified Self companies focused on both individuals and the enterprise, and we hope to see other QS companies start turning their attention towards enterprise level analytics.

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