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  • Oct 02, 2019

    “Tell Me About Yourself.” How to Craft a Compelling Personal Narrative

    If you’ve ever been to a job interview—or an interview for just about anything, for that matter, you’ve fielded the request, “Tell me about yourself.” It seems innocuous and oh-so simple, doesn’t it? But chances are, that question has made you feel like a deer in headlights at least once. “Tell her about myself? What about myself? Who am I, even?”

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  • Sep 11, 2019

    To Retain Top Employees, Give Them the Tools They Need to Succeed

    There’s no two ways about it: employee retention is a critical driver of a financially healthy organization. Retaining talent isn’t easy, but research has shown that the cost of replacing just one employee can soar to nine months of that single employee’s salary, and Gallup has found that turnover among millennials alone costs the US economy $30.5 billion annually.

    It’s clear that today’s businesses can’t afford not to retain employees, but how can companies keep their top talent engaged? There are dozens of great retention strategies out there, but the way we see it here at Quantified, it comes down to leadership.

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  • Aug 14, 2019

    Look Like a Leader: 4 Ways Nonverbal Signals Can Enhance—or Undermine—Your Leadership Communication

    Think back to your last important communication event. Maybe it was a presentation to five hundred key stakeholders, or maybe it was an innovative product pitch for the CEO and her team. You had your message down pat—you’d prepared your data points, supporting stories, and visual supports using audience-first methodology—and you’d rehearsed until you knew your key points like the back of your hand. Your content was on point. You were talking like a leader.

    But did you look like a leader?

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  • Jul 24, 2019

    Three Storytelling Tools to Make Your Communication Captivating

    If you’ve been following our research and our blog, you know that, here at Quantified, we’re big believers in the power of storytelling. We know that storytelling language and structure make communication significantly more memorable, and we know they have a distinct neurological and chemical effect on our audience’s brains.

    But what does it take to actually incorporate storytelling into your next big communication event? After all, it’s one thing to tell stories in a TED Talk or a commencement speech or a wedding toast, but a team meeting? A financial presentation?

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  • Jun 26, 2019

    The Future of Work: Humans and Machines

    Once upon a time, artificial intelligence was just a vague, futuristic possibility. But today, it’s a real player in business, and it’s already transforming the way we work. For example, The World Economic Forum reports that AI handled about 29 percent of the tasks across twelve industries last year and LinkedIn predicts that 62 percent of search and data processing tasks will be managed by machines in the next three years.

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  • May 15, 2019

    How to Encourage a Culture of Collaboration (and Why It’s a Good Idea)

    On any given day in your workplace, are employees heads-down, working quietly and independently on their own, individual tasks? Or are they working in teams, sharing ideas, strategies, and workloads?

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  • Apr 10, 2019

    The Key to Achieving Your Leadership Objectives: Building Employee Trust

    We talk a lot about building trust here at Quantified. As communicators, we’re most successful if we can convince our audiences to trust us. They’re more likely to focus on what we’re saying (rather than sifting through our content in search of ulterior motives), more likely to internalize our key points, and more likely to act on our messages.

    We’ve written about trust in the context of media, of politics, and even of corporate activism. But let’s focus now on everyday leadership, on the importance of trust between an executive and her team. What does employee trust enable leaders to achieve, and how do leaders build that trust?

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  • Mar 20, 2019

    Thought Leadership: A Primer for New Leaders

    One of the privileges of leadership is that, with an executive title comes an executive platform—a reason and a place to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. 

    Whether you’re writing a corporate blog post or an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, you’re suddenly expected to share your perspective and insights. Why? Because a strong foundation of thought leadership helps build your organization’s reputation—and your own, as its leader—as a credible expert in a competitive field. Prospective customers have countless choices for any service or product they could possibly want to purchase, and they want to know their vendor is knowledgeable, ready to meet their needs, and on the cutting edge of innovation.

    So how do you go about it?

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  • Feb 19, 2019

    Communicating Good News: Celebrate like You Mean It

    Here at Quantified, we spend a lot of talking and writing about how to deliver less-than-stellar news. How do you frame it when you have to disappoint investors? How do you keep your message optimistic and future-forward while still being clear and candid about what went wrong? How do you ensure your voice and body language mirror the gravity of the situation without being overly negative? 

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  • Jan 07, 2019

    How to Move Your Audience to Action—Every Single Time

    Think about the last presentation you gave, whether it was to your employees, your investors, or your customers. What was your goal? What did you want your audience to understand at the end of your talk? More importantly, what did you want them to do as a result of listening to you?

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